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Employment Law Solicitors

Employment Law Solicitors

Compliance & effective management

As a business, getting the right advice on employment law is vitally important.

The employment lawyers at Walker Foster Solicitors are here to provide you with comprehensive, tailored legal support on all aspects of employment law.

Through our employment law offering, we are dedicated to providing superior employment legal advice and representation tailored specifically for employers. We offer a comprehensive suite of employment law services covering all the elements of managing a workforce, including handling employment disputes, drafting employment contracts, and managing tribunal claims.

As distinguished employment solicitors, we focus on delivering strategic solutions for issues ranging from discrimination claims to unfair dismissal, with an approach that aligns with your business objectives. Whether you require initial legal advice on employment matters, robust representation in employment tribunals, or expert assistance with restrictive covenants and settlement agreements, Walker Foster is ready to assist. We are committed to providing a high standard of service, ensuring our corporate clients receive the most competent and precise legal support. Additionally, we offer flexible financial options, including fixed-fee arrangements, to ensure our legal support is accessible to all businesses.

Contact us to explore how our expert employment solicitors can assist with your needs.

Our Employment Law Services

Walker Foster offers a comprehensive array of employment law services designed to address every aspect of employer needs, from routine compliance to complex legal disputes. Our services are structured to ensure your business is not only protected, but also primed for stability and growth.

Here are the key employment law services we provide:

Walker Foster is equipped with the expertise and experience required to handle these complex legal areas. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service to ensure that your employment practices are both effective and legally compliant. Contact us for detailed advice tailored to your specific business needs.

Our Approach to Employment Law

At Walker Foster, our employment law offering is designed to support employers in managing their workforce effectively, making informed decisions, and ensuring compliance with UK employment laws. Our approach is tailored to cater to the needs of all businesses, from those just starting out to well-established entities seeking guidance on specific HR or employment issues.

If an employment tribunal becomes necessary to resolve a particular employment dispute, we can advise you on all aspects of the process.

At Walker Foster, our proactive, thorough and strategic approach ensures that your business is not only compliant with employment laws but also equipped to handle complex employment issues efficiently and effectively. Contact our employment law department to learn more about how our solicitors can assist your business in navigating these challenges.

To learn more, visit our guide to our employment law services.

Step 1 - Starting Off on the Right Foot

  • Employment contracts: we understand the importance of starting the employment relationship on solid ground. Every employee is entitled to a Statement of Particulars of Employment from their first day. We collaborate with you to draft an employment contract that complies with the latest employment laws, ensuring clarity on the rights and obligations of all parties from the outset.
  • Disciplinary rules, policies and procedures: establishing clear disciplinary and grievance procedures is essential for effective workforce management. We help you develop these policies, tailored to your business's specific needs, enhancing your ability to manage your employees confidently and effectively.
  • Audits and updates: employment laws are constantly evolving. We offer services to audit your current contracts and policies, making necessary updates to ensure ongoing compliance with the latest legal standards.

Step 2 - Managing the Employment Relationship

Effective management of employee issues enhances workplace harmony, while also reducing the risk of a costly employment dispute. The comprehensive support offered by our employment law department covers all aspects of the employment relationship:

  • Misconduct and disciplinary issues: we provide expert advice on handling misconduct, including conducting investigations, managing disciplinary hearings, determining appropriate sanctions and processing appeals.
  • Grievances: when grievances arise, particularly those involving allegations of discrimination or harassment, we guide you through the response process to manage these sensitively and legally.
  • Sickness absence: we assist in managing both long-term and frequent short-term absences, considering potential disabilities and your obligations regarding reasonable adjustments.
  • Performance issues: we support you in addressing performance dips, advising on difficult conversations, performance improvement plans, and disciplinary actions where necessary.

Step 3 - Ending or Changing the Employment Relationship

Navigating the conclusion or transformation of employment relationships is delicate and requires strategic legal guidance.

  • Dismissals: if dismissal is considered, we provide legal advice to help you proceed in a way that minimises the risk of tribunal claims, ensuring you achieve the desired outcome legally and effectively.
  • Redundancies and restructures: we work alongside you during restructuring or redundancy processes, advising on procedures that minimise legal risks and tribunal claims.
  • TUPE transfers: in cases of business sales or acquisitions involving employee transfers, we ensure you understand your rights and obligations under TUPE, guiding you through the process in coordination with our business team to facilitate a smooth transaction.
  • Negotiated exits and settlement agreements: sometimes, negotiating an employee's exit is the most pragmatic solution. We advise on initiating these discussions and draft comprehensive settlement agreements to mitigate any potential claims.

Our Approach to Legal Fees

At Walker Foster, we understand that managing legal costs is pivotal for your business. This is why we offer a flexible approach to legal fees to accommodate the needs of our clients, including hourly rates or project-specific rates for particular tasks or legal matters. 

We are committed to ensuring that you find the most suitable payment option. We work diligently to tailor our fee structure to align with your financial and legal requirements, making our expert legal services accessible and affordable. Whether you favour fixed fees or hourly rates, our priority is to provide clarity and transparency in all our billing practices, allowing you to plan and manage your legal expenses effectively.

Meet Claire Collinge

Claire is a Solicitor and a Consultant to the firm who provides help and advice to our clients in all aspects of employment law and HR consultancy.  This includes drafting employment contracts, policies and disciplinary procedures, providing advice on handling misconduct, capability and sickness absence issues and advising on discrimination.

Claire also advises businesses on the employment aspects of restructures, redundancies and TUPE transfers, as well as exit strategies and drafting settlement agreements.

Claire qualified as a solicitor in 2001 and has since been a partner and team leader in two national law firms, specialising in employment law. She became a partner in a niche employment law practice in 2015, where she continued to work until starting her own consulting practice in 2020 joining Walker Foster in the February of that year.

She has advised trade union clients and their individual members, as well as advising businesses and schools, particularly owner-managed businesses. This has given her considerable experience of workplace dispute resolution from both the employee and employer point of view.

A particular interest for Claire is in helping employers manage the employment relationship well, by having the right procedures in place, addressing issues effectively before they grow and making informed commercial decisions to benefit their business and minimise the risk of Tribunal claims. She has experience in delivering training to business clients and their managers to help them achieve that.

Outside of work, Claire can be found walking her Doodle dog or doing Pilates to keep fit, watching her sons’ cricket and football matches, enjoying films at the local cinema and trying to see as many modern Shakespeare productions as she can.

Why choose Walker Foster?

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Selecting the right legal partner is critical for managing your employment law needs effectively. Walker Foster distinguishes itself through its rich history and robust local presence, positioning us as your ideal choice for handling complex employment matters. Our firm has a proud heritage dating back to 1919, fostering a deep connection with the communities we serve. With offices in Skipton, Barnoldswick, Silsden, Settle, Ilkley, Northallerton and Harrogate, we offer a nuanced understanding of the local business environments and legal landscapes.

With the aid of specialist employment law solicitors, you will benefit from extensive legal expertise combined with a practical, results-driven approach tailored to the specific needs of your business. We excel in going beyond traditional legal services to establish and nurture long-term relationships with our clients, providing steadfast support through the evolution of their businesses over many years.

If you are ready to manage your workforce with confidence and ensure legal compliance, contact Walker Foster today. Get in touch with our employment law experts today to discuss your needs and start strengthening your business's legal standing.

"I was recommended Claire to act on my behalf with regards to issues with my employment and she was excellent. I received reasoned advice in a timely and efficient manner which resulted in a positive outcome. Her expertise, support and professionalism were consistent and made the process much more manageable"

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